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A Video Downloader and Viewer

The VidMix app directs you to their own servers that allow you to download videos to your mobile device. You are not able to download any old movie, it has to be one that is on their server.

Videos downloaded directly from private servers

VidMix is a video downloading app that works with the VidMix servers. It does not allow you to download from places such as YouTube or Vimeo. The owners of the servers have placed a great many videos on their server. Once connected via the app, you may pick videos and download them directly to your mobile device. You do not have to pay to use the app, but if you want good quality videos, then you have to buy the Pro version. The legality of the system is questionable, which is why you will not find this app on app stores such as Google Play or iTunes.

Too reliant on private server up-time

The VidMix has a few problems, with the biggest being that it relies on a small server network. If the servers are ever overly busy or down, the app becomes useless. It doesn't rely on seeders, which means that active servers will always allow your downloads to proceed, but this also means it doesn't have the speed of a bittorrent system. In addition, some people may not be comfortable with downloading copyrighted material.


  • Access to thousands of movies
  • Constant download streams are possible
  • Has a wide variety of modern movies
  • A simple interface used to find videos


  • Sever downtime occasionally makes the app unusable
  • Its legality is questionable
  • Lots of adult content that may offend
  • Notification adverts are difficult to disable


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VidMix 2.5.0828 for Android


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